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Remodeling and New Construction does not have to be expensive, or difficult!

Here are some of the reasons why Integrity-Solutions is a different and better solution to the harsh, costly way the remodeling and new construction industry have operated

Industry Standard Practices

Lump sum pricing, no cost breakout

Hard sell business model,

take or leave it

Long, drawn out pre construction process

Never knowing what you are paying for Or what you are getting for your investment

Unbelievably high, hidden markups on every facet of construction and on every dollar

Impersonal, undevoted project management

Paying more than necessary for specialized Trade Partner labor and materials

Price escalation based on the client’s checkbook

Questionable Trade Partners involved with your Project only because they are “longtime friends” with the contractor

Integrity-Solutions Business Practices

Open Book Pricing, no hidden fees or costs, EVER

No pressure, no hard sell tactics, no feeling cornered

Very short & comfortable pre construction practices

Ala cart business model always shows  you where your hard earned remodeling dollars are


No hidden markups, no concealed fees, every area of your budget is completely transparent

Award winning, personalized Project


All trusted Trade Partner labor and materials are a direct pass through!  No additional expenses!

Flat rate pricing, no price gouging of anyone

Trusted Trade Partners including award winning companies who I have hired myself and  trust to work on my own home

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